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by | July 24, 2018

Singapore Red Cross launched HoME+ service, and a monitoring, alert and response system last year.

Last year, Singapore Red Cross (SRC) launched its Home Monitoring and Eldercare (HoME+) service to help seniors living on their own through a helpline for non-emergency situations, and a monitoring, alert and response system. According to statistics, in Singapore, 47,000 seniors live alone. With such a system, these seniors can continue to live alone, with an added peace of mind.

The system was first provided fully subsidised to over 20 of SRC’ beneficiaries living in Tampines and Bedok, who are over the age of 60.

This year, the organisation hopes to reach out to over 80 more seniors, first in the Jurong area and then gradually to the rest of Singapore. It has also added a social enterprise component to this initiative by offering the system to active agers and caregivers who want to keep their parents safe at home for a small sum of S$48 per month. The income generated will be used to reach out to more isolated seniors who are unable to afford the system.

It is the same system being offered to its beneficiaries, and includes two motion sensors, one door sensor, one gateway and one duress button. This equipment is supplied and installed by SRC’ partner Certis Cisco.

Explained a SRC representative, “These motion sensors help seniors living on their own with their daily activity monitored. The HoME+ system sensors monitor daily living habits of the senior at home by learning the movement patterns of the senior over time, such as going out at 8am every day. If this pattern changes, for instance, such as if there is inactive movement, a notification alert will be sent to the 24/7call centre.” The call centre staff will contact and check on the senior, and should there be no response, their caregiver will be contacted.

SRC community responders will be the next to be activated when caregivers are unavailable to attend to their senior. These responders are volunteers who are living in the same area as the senior. “Monitoring systems are not new in Singapore, however, what differentiates HoME+ from the other service providers in the market is the response of our large network of volunteers,” said the Red Cross representative. She added that its non-emergency ambulance or transporter can also be dispatched  and they will reach the home of the senior within an hour.

For more information on the HoME+ system, call 6664 0500 or e-mail to:




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