Philips launches campaign to get more to take up CPR and AED training

by | April 25, 2017

Called the ‘Retiree Rescue’ Campaign, it also raises awareness of sudden cardiac arrest.


Seniors get training on AED and CPR.

Philips has launched a ‘Retiree Rescue’ Campaign to raise awareness around sudden cardiac arrest, and the need for more individuals to be trained in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and the use of Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) to increase the chances of survival.

Sudden cardiac arrest can take place anywhere, at any time and to anyone. Every year, at least 1,800 cases of cardiac arrest take place in Singapore, whether at home, the shopping centre or in other public spaces. Of these cases, the survival rate is only 13.8 percent. While it only takes emergency services 11 minutes to arrive on scene, most attacks prove fatal within 10 minutes, as chances of patient survival decreases by seven to 10 percent every minute. To increase survival rates, it is critical for victims to receive immediate CPR and intervention by AED.

“With the ‘Retiree Rescue’ campaign, we want to debunk the myth that only trained medical professionals can help save lives. In fact, we aim to educate the community on how almost anyone can play a part in helping victims of sudden cardiac arrest with the right training and equipment through this campaign,” said Winston Phua, head of Brand, Communications and Digital at Philips ASEAN Pacific. “With the right training, we can give more people the confidence to provide CPR and to use an AED during times of emergency to help those in need, so that we can all play a part in helping to save lives.”

Philips collaborated with the Singapore Heart Foundation (SHF) to host complimentary training sessions for retirees from the heartlands of Singapore because the people with the highest propensity for cardiac failure are the elderly and the ones who would be able to provide immediate assistance are their peers in the neighbourhood. At the same time, this campaign serves to demonstrate that if seniors are able to take up this training to become certified rescuers, the wider community can easily do the same.

Seniors getting trained.

“Losing my father to sudden cardiac arrest made me understand the true value of people being able to recognise the symptoms, and being able to administer CPR and AED at the right time. Had I known this back then, I might have been able to save his life. When I saw the notification about this training programme, I immediately wanted to join even though I was a bit hesitant as I thought it might be quite difficult for me to administer CPR and AED properly because I’m over 60 and have a knee problem,” said Bernard Chan, 65, a certified AED and CPR provider through the Retiree Rescue programme.

“Having completed the course, I believe it is worthwhile for people of all ages to join the programme, as I truly feel that I am now able to save a life when needed. It was also great to learn that the Philips HeartStart AED is quite easy to use, you just follow the automated voice instructions which guide you step-by-step throughout.”

Philips is inviting more members of the public to be trained as part of this initiative. To find out more, visit the campaign website HERE and sign up to be a certified AED and CPR provider.

(** PHOTO CREDITS: Philips’ Retiree Rescue Project video)




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