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by | February 24, 2015

A new photo-scanning app called Heirloom captures your old photos before they start to fade even more.


The new app brings your photos back to life.

If you have many family print photos in albums or a shoe box – getting moldy or fading where no one is enjoying them – and you want to digitise them before it is too late, now there is a photo-scanning app called Heirloom. It brings your print photos back to life with a single tap on your smartphone.

Instead of you having to manually take out each photo from the album at the risk of damaging them and then spend hours scanning them and having to colour correct them, the new app automatically finds the edges of the photo, corrects the perspective and does a mild colour enhancement, without ever having to remove it from the album. Photos then can be shared in private groups within Heirloom or externally on social networks, and you can upload as many photos as you want.

The many features of Heirloom.

Heirloom’s proprietary, imaging software was created with Willi Geiger, who led computer graphics teams at Industrial Light & Magic (ILM) on major blockbuster films for 13 years. The idea for the app came after one of the founders Eric Owski’s wife complained that there weren’t any good scrapbooking apps for moms.

The app is available free on iTunes and Google Play for Android.



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