Read! Fest activities for seniors

by | June 10, 2016

Two-month long festival to rally Singaporeans to read.


Read Fest 2016Read! Fest is a two-month long festival that aims to rally Singaporeans in a nationwide reading journey by involving the community to stimulate interest in reading amongst peers and loved ones. There are over 170 exciting programmes lined up, from the Reader’s Day Inn to workshops, theatre, games and debates. The last day of the festival will coincide with the inaugural National Reading Day on July 30 with a charity drive called “Read for Books” at the National Library Building.

Of all these activities, some of them well-suited for seniors and can be enjoyed with your loved ones, include:

  1. Mari Bertemu Pemenang Hadiah Sastera Singapura 2016 (meet the winners of the Singapore Literature Prize 2016)
    July 23, Saturday, 2.30pm – 4pm
    Possibility Room, level 5, National Library Building, no registration required

 Come on down and meet the writers who have been nominated to win the Singapore Literature Prize in 2016. There will be various events where the nominees will discuss their works and share their views on the Literature Prize. There will also be discussions on the state of reading and writing in Singapore.


  1. 《重画情的吴材》(Returning to art by Ng Wai Choy)
    July 23, Saturday, 2pm – 3.30pm.
    Exhibition Area of the Central Public Library, online pre-registration required
     Before he became the famous author that wrote “Conquering the world with a backpack”, renowned local author Ng Wai Choy studied art in English, and even won International prizes for it. The session will see Wai Choy sharing what inspires him to draw.


  1. 《乐评的赏味期限》Freshmusic panel discussion
    July 2, Saturday, 2pm – 3.30pm
    Exhibition Area, Central Public Library, online pre-registration required

    Seniors at NLB_2

    Lots in store for seniors at this year’s Read! Fest.

    Presented by Freshmusic Online Music Magazine, this may be Singapore’s first discussion about “music criticism” in this generation where music criticism is about to disappear from this country. Does music criticism have established patterns? An expiry date? What role does music criticism play in this generation of rising music streaming?

    Hosted by one of the founders of Freshmusic, Sim Yun Ying, the panel will be graced by Lianhe Zaobao photography reporter Ken and Old Cucumber, the editor of Freshmusic.


  1. My Turn to Read!
    June 25, Saturday, 11.30am – 5pm
    Woodlands Regional Library Here’s one you can attend with your grandchildren. To encourage young children to read with confidence, a cosy corner has been specially created at Woodlands Regional Library. Children will be tasked to read a story to their parents/grandparents/guardian. There will be storytelling sessions throughout the day for all languages, and will be at either the Everest room on level 4 or the Programme zone on level 1.


  1. Book Talks – Let’s connect over books!: The Magic strings of Frankie Pesto by Mitch Albom
    July 24, Saturday, 4pm – 5pm
    Multi-Purpose Room, Central Public Library, online pre-registration required What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than by joining a book talk led by our experienced library book club facilitators? Hasanah Sohdi, facilitator of The Next Chapter, discusses the epic novel about Frankie Presto, a talented musician and how he changed six lives on his journey through the musical landscape of the 1940s to 1960s.


  1. The Human Library – Erni Nurain Mohd Salleh
    June 28, Tuesday, 11am – 12.30pm
    Activity Room, Yishun Public Library The Next Chapter Book Club and their senior member adventurers will share their thrilling travel experiences – whether it’s their first solo trip to India or a rejuvenating yoga retreat in Malaysia – as well as new hobbies they’ve recently picked up, from learning how to make healthy juices to even belly dancing. Life doesn’t stall once you turn 50! For more information about these activities or any of the other activities on offer, go HERE. For a detailed programme listing, download the festival guide HERE.





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