Reading in comfort

by | February 8, 2012

New 3M LED lamp has a proprietary polarising light filter that reduces glare and harmful UV rays.



3M has launched a new polarizing LED lamp. Featuring a sleeker and more compact design, the new LED2000 sports a curved lamp body with arms that that are highly flexible, can tilt at multiple angles and close fully to save space. Coupled with 3M’s proprietary polarising light filter, which is capable of reducing up to 80 percent glare and harmful UV rays, to promote optimal reading comfort. The LED2000 is not only good for the eyes, but also adds style to any living space.

Besides the seven adjustable brightness levels that allow users to customise the amount of light for any activity, the new LED2000 also features a new mood lighting function. It comes with two levels to create a soothing and warm environment.


The LED2000 is now available at S$309. Find it at leading retailers such as Best Denki, Home-Fix and Popular bookstores.





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