Remembering LKY

by | March 26, 2015

Seniors share their heartfelt tributes to a man who has contributed a lot to Singapore.


Flowers and notes left outside the Istana.

With the passing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew, Ageless Online wanted to do something to honour him, so we have gathered some tributes from some seniors:


“You are one and only.
Singapore’s success today is because of your contributions.
You are the founding father of Singapore.
We will remember you forever.” – Ong Khng Tee, 64


“Thank you for your hard work and contributions!
Your love for Singapore and your fighting spirit will always live in our hearts.
We salute you!” – Chee Kiew Mee, 82


“Our most respected Mr Lee Kuan Yew.
Thank you for leading us to build such a beautiful Singapore.
You have given us a peaceful and stable living environment.
Our hearts are filled with appreciation.
We will remember you.” – Pang Ah Kau, 75


“Without you, there won’t be a Singapore. …
We will always remember you!” – Goh Lee Yong, 82


“He spent his whole life building Singapore.
No words can describe my gratitude towards him.
RIP my beloved LKY.” – Doreen Quek, 63


A picture of LKY drawn by a four-year-old.

“Whenever I have to show my Singapore passport to immigration officers of other countries, I often receive a look of admiration from them due to the sterling reputation of Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

In my teenage years I felt that I was wadding in the mud but things changed when Mr Lee came into power in 1965 and transformed Singapore into a vibrant city. I joined the Port of Singapore Authority (PSA) (now called PSA International) in 1968 and within a year’s time, I was proud to see the arrival of the first container ship, The Nihon, to Singapore in 1969, thanks to the guiding hands of our late first prime minister. PSA had only two quay cranes then but now it is the biggest quay crane owner in this region if not the world.

Whenever there was financial crisis besetting the world, I knew I need not worry as Mr Lee Kuan Yew was at the helm.

I am saddened by his demise. I will always be thankful and grateful that he came into our lives.

There is no one like him. The throngs of people lining up the street near City Hall to Parliament House to pay their last respects is a testament for our love for him. 

I was in a shop at Campbell Lane yesterday and a four-year-old Indian girl (her name is Prithicka) showed me her drawing of Mr Lee Kuan Yew (right) reflecting her parents’ love and high regard for him.” – P’ter Chan, 66


“You are an outstanding leader, husband and father.
You are the role model who managed the country well.
The way you educate your children, you have truly set a good example.
Hope that we can continue with what you have done for us. …” – Fong Siew Moi, 72


“Before I left for West Germany for my studies in 1964, the living conditions in Singapore was in a mess. Cramped living conditions were everywhere in attap houses and in the kampungs. However, when I came back after my studies, the whole place was totally transformed and was on its way to [become] a well-developed nation.

Tall commercial buildings appeared from nowhere and tall concrete HDB storeys of flats were everywhere. The founding father of independent Singapore, LKY had poignantly said that towards his last years on earth, that he had done his best and enough for Singapore. At the end of the day, what he got is a successful Singapore and what he gave up was his life. To me, this is a great sacrifice for any great leader in any nation.” – Stephen Teng, 75


“I was at the Padang to cheer for Mr Lee Kuan Yew. I was a young teenager then. When he shouted ‘Merdeka’, I responded, raising my hand with the rowdy crowd. That was 1963, but now I am queuing at the Padang with a larger crowd on March, 26 2015 to pay my respect to Mr Lee Kuan Yew whose body is lying in state at Parliament House. We are in a solemn mood.

He was the first Prime Minister of Singapore.

I attended his election rallies in the city district and the National Day parades at the Padang (no pass needed) to learn much about Singapore. I listened intently to his speeches when he spoke to different groups. I learnt of Singapore’s history, challenges and got to know of his policies. He always stressed on self-reliance and hard work. I admired his wit and wisdom when journalists tried to corner him with difficult questions.

He had a helicopter view of things and was far-sighted. He was determined to serve Singapore and was able to persuade the people to elect him. When I watched him shedding tears on TV when we were out of Malaysia, I was sad and fearful. I knew we would have a hard time ahead but did not realise the great anguish and the burden of survival was upon his shoulder. He had the welfare of the country at heart – employment, education, housing and health. He went all out to focus on our human resource, improving on education and health so as to provide service to improve the economy.

From the night-soil era of my childhood to the smartphone of today, we have come a long way. The changing landscape of Singapore and our comfortable home is testimony of his efforts. We will all play our part as embodied in the ‘Singapore Pledge’ to ensure his legacy lives on. Thank you and farewell.” – Lily Bok, 65 


“Our founding father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, you have given great contributions to Singapore.” – Kay Siew Choon, 69


“LKY is indeed a legendary figure in every sense of the word. He was a man with a vision who dedicated his whole life to building and moulding Singapore from a humble town to what it is today – a great city.

 Born in a humble-profile family, he inherited good values which became part of his characteristics.

I remember seeing his father, Lee Chin Koon, a very humble elderly person, many a times in the early ’90s at the Singapore Swimming Club where he would swim in the pool, several laps, everyday, without fail. After his swim he would go in the changing room and weigh himself. When I asked him if he liked swimming, he replied, “I love it. It keeps me fit also.” This discipline he practised for his health helped him to lead a full healthy life to the age of 94. It is this discipline which is an inbuilt part of the Lee’s family.

LKY had a vision and a strong desire to turn Singapore into a country of PEACE AND PROSPERITY where all races can live in peace and harmony. And indeed, with his vision, dedication and discipline, he brought this into reality and has turned the city into a happy melting pot of East and West.

His charismatic leadership and a strong sincere team of helpers helped him to realise his dream and goal, crossing and overtaking all sorts of problems and difficulties. The discipline and the hard work put in by LKY and his team has certainly made Singapore more visible on the map.

The people of Singapore are indeed very happy with the results achieved by LKY and his team of colleagues. Every one has a roof over his head, beautiful gardens and clean beaches to enjoy unpolluted fresh air, great infrastructure for us to commute smoothly, top security and safety for the family, a beautiful aesthetic skyline with great architectural buildings and very efficient service in all sectors of Government services. It is indeed a clean and green Singapore in every sense of the word.

He accomplished many tasks with great success and we are happy that in the evening of his life he could see the fruits of his labour.

LKY has left us his beautiful legacy, and a memorable one at that. His sincere dedication towards the good of Singapore will always be remembered and cherished. He is indeed a legendary figure.

Thank you LKY. Singapore loves you.” – Rewa Mirpuri, 77


<lyrics to a song>
“Sir Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore loves you.
We’ll remember what you’ve done.
It was work and fun, for the good of everyone.
We’ll remember PAP, what they’ve done for all and me.
Sir Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore loves you.
We’ll remember you …” – Peter Sng, 71 (he composed this song after watching people sending best wishes to Lee Kuan Yew in the news, while he was in the hospital. Peter said: “Sadly he passed away the following morning after.” He posted the video with him singing the song on YouTube – https://youtube/mhrMb8iorJo?list=UUoksDaSrcOAJa3ILzhKgYJQ)


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  1. Yvonne Goh

    Dear Mr Lee Kuan Yew

    You are a great teacher, mentor and Leader too! Thank you for your everything which u had done for Singaporean. It’s a waste to have lost u forever and so sad and painful to bid u farewell. But u will be remembered in every Singaporeans’ heart and nobody will be able to replace you.


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