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by | September 11, 2013

A look at wheelchairs that are designed to give users a helping hand in the most comfortable way possible.

BY: Li Yuemin & Cindy Lee

Streamlined, compact and stylish, today’s wheelchairs are fitted with the latest technologies and lightest materials, while packing a punch in the looks department. Here’s a look at wheelchairs that are designed to give users a helping hand in the most comfortable way possible.


MODEL 1Lightweight wheelchairs

Many now opt for lightweight wheelchairs as they offer easier movement and can be transported more conveniently. Their frames are usually made from aluminium alloy or stainless steel for lightness and durability. Weighing just 12kg, the hBG23-S by hubang is suitable for users who are always on the move. This foldable model also has a carry handle for easy transportation.



MODEL 2 – Recliner wheelchairs 

These wheelchairs have backrests that can be adjusted at an angle for comfortable seating while easing pain caused by long hours of sitting. For comfort, consider the DaeF recliner by Karma. With a backrest that can be angled from 90º to 163º, it has an anti-tipping feature for stability. A foldable frame and detachable arm and headrests allow for easy transportation.



MODEL 3 – Motorised wheelchairs

Often resembling a plush office chair, these are best for users with limited upper-body strength. For speed and comfort, consider models like the P12SX escape SX by heartway. Users can move with ease by controlling a joystick while the suspension in the drive wheel protects the body from bumpy surfaces.



MODEL 4 – Sports wheelchairs 

Suitable for a game of wheelchair basketball or travelling on pavement roads, these wheelchairs are smaller than manual wheelchairs. They are also lightweight for easy manoeuvring. For those with active lifestyles, check out the Quasar by Off.Carr, one of the lightest and strongest wheelchairs in the market. It also has foldaway brakes for total control. 


  • Price range: $3,000 to $12,500
  • Weight limit: 100kg
  • Frame weight: 4.4kg without rear wheels
  • Available seat width: from 34 to 44cm
  • Available in fixed rear axle and adjustable rear axle models
  • Find out more:


For a more affordable option, FS868 steel wheelchair by Foshan Wheelchair only costs RM250 (S$104). It is sold in Johor, Malaysia. 


  • Weight limit: 100kg
  • Frame weight: 20kg
  • Wheelchair width: 59cm
  • Wheelchair height: 91cm
  • Contact: Resett Sdn Bhd, 8 Jalan abiad 1 taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru, Johor 80400, Malaysia; tel: +60-7-3311508


SIDEBOX: Things to consider when buying a wheelchair

Here are questions you need to ask when choosing a model that fits your needs – at home or elsewhere:

  • How wide are the doors in my home or office?
  • Are there any tight angles to overcome – for example, does the walkway turn sharply into a room?
  • Can the chair fit into the bathroom and will I be able to close the door once the chair is inside?
  • How high are the tables in my house or office and will they hinder my wheelchair?

  • How high are the shelves that I need to reach?
  • Are the surfaces that I need to move on paved, carpeted, tiled or concrete? Are these surfaces flat?
  • Will I need my wheelchair to fit into public transportation?
  • Can my wheelchair fit into my car boot?


** This article and pictures have been reproduced with permission from the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC). The original article appeared in AIC’s “NEXTSTEP” magazine, Issue 1. Visit for other issues.



  1. Joyce Seah

    Hi, I am interested to buy a wheelchair which is for an adult at around 125kg.

    It need to fit in to car boot. And normally is carry to the car by a female.

    May I know the price & photo to review.


    • agelessadmin

      Thanks Joyce for your query. I have since e-mailed you on this.


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