Secrets to a long-lasting marriage

by | December 1, 2015

Three tips from a couple who have been married for over 60 years.


A UK couple (who wants to be unknown) who have been married for over 60 years shared three secrets to staying together:

1. Respect the opinion of your other half and sometimes that means, “keeping quiet”.

2. When one flares up, the other usually knows when to balance each other and not to also flare up. The wife shared that her husband tends to flare up easily and so she tries not to and walks away. “If he really is in the wrong, I will stand my ground and then he will back down,” she explained. The husband shared, “When you ask yourself how important is the argument, it is usually very insignificant.”

3. And the most important tip of all is to “never go to bed angry”, said the wife. “As if you do, it tends to grow in magnitude and you think of things you wished you had said.” So make up, and sleep well.



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