Senior features at SITEX 2016

by | November 23, 2016

These include a mobile app that monitors elderly’s physical condition to a security system, which allows you to view your home from your mobile phone.



At this year’s SITEX, there will be two exhibitors showcasing products related to seniors.

Besides looking out for sweet deals related to IT at this year’s SITEX 2016 at the Singapore Expo on November 24 to 27, there will be an inclusion of senior-related exhibitions. SingEx Exhibitions, which manages the Singapore Expo, shared that “since 2015, SITEX has refreshed its event elements to encourage adoption of technology as Singapore strides towards a smarter nation”.

This year’s show will take visitors from millennials to seniors on an experiential and educational journey to discover the benefits of technologies and innovations through thematic zones such as Adventure IT, Gaming, Smart Home and Appliances, and Tech Zones. Through these zones, seniors will be introduced to and gain first-hand experiences on pioneering and latest products, gadgets and applications, allowing them to see that high-tech products are not difficult to use.

Besides two exhibitors – UNAging and Neeuro – showcasing their senior-related products, in the Smart Home zone there will be an automated security system that enables you to a full view of the happenings at home through your mobile phone. This ensures that your loved ones (young and old) are safe at home.


Health reporting

Exhibitor UNAging, which supports entrepreneurs for social impact, will have at its booth Comp-O-Bot, a social enterprise that develops and deploys robotics and artificial intelligence technology solutions to help elderly in rehabilitation and exercises. The company was part of seven teams under the UNAgeing programme this year by UNFRAMED that was in partnership with DBS Foundation and supported by IDA Labs.

As Comp-O-Bot is still developing its latest product which includes a mobile app and a computer program, during SITEX 2016 the team will show visitors some functions of the app that works together with its wearable device to monitor the physical condition of the elderly and generate a health report in real-time. Some development footages and hardware designs will also be shared during SITEX.

Shared Larry Tchiou, founder of UNFRAMED, “For senior consumers, technology will play an even bigger role in all parts of life, especially in healthcare, entertainment and social activities. At UNFRAMED, we see two converging trends – the young-old (aged 60 to 69) being the most tech savvy senior generation ever, and the ubiquitousness of hardware devices and maturity of online services, which translate into innovations targeting the ageing population.

He added: “Technology not being a panacea, the elderly sector still has room for innovations, which is revolutionising the field of occupational therapy by empowering the community, especially the younger generations, to play their part in caring for the seniors.”


Monitoring the brain

SenzeBand and Memorie.

SenzeBand is a brain-sensing headband and Memorie is the app used.

Other exhibitor Neeuro will be showcasing its SenzeBand and Memorie. SenzeBand is a brain-sensing headband that reads a user’s brainwaves to monitor his or her mental states of attention, relaxation and mental workload. It is used while playing brain-training games in the Memorie app.

Seniors can benefit from SenzeBand and Memorie as the games available from the app keep them mentally stimulated and active. “Our games have been scientifically designed to help stimulate memory, attention, decision-making, spatial awareness and cognitive flexibility. With the SenzeBand, seniors will be able to have accurate measurements of their training progress over time to see if they are improving, and have a better understanding of their mind and mental health. Additionally, our products and programmes are excellent for social bonding with family and friends – another key aspect for keeping mentally fit,” shared Kelly Choo, co-founder of Neeuro.

The technology company will also be introducing NeeuroFIT, a list of mental wellness programmes, workshops and modules that Neeuro is developing to help in brain fitness for seniors, as well as juniors. Visitors at its booth can enjoy an exclusive promotion only available at SITEX of up to 40 percent off its products for limited sets.




  1. Kelly Choo

    Thanks Ageless Online for featuring Neeuro.

    We will be exhibiting our special game demos for seniors at the Innovation Alley in Singapore Expo Hall 5 from 24th to 27th November 2016.

    There will be an exclusive discount of up to 40% off on limited sets!

    See you there!

  2. Meikah Ybañez-Delid

    We are passionate about mental wellness, and we’d like to touch as many lives as possible. Thank you for the feature!


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