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by | December 5, 2016

A new Passion Silver Concession Card gives seniors concessionary fares on public transport, and discounts and privileges at merchants.



The PAssion Silver Concession Card.

A new PAssion Silver Concession Card has been launched to make it more convenient for seniors to stay active and engaged in the community. An initiative under the Action Plan for Successful Ageing, the PAssion Silver Concession Card is spearheaded by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Transport and People’s Association (PA), with support from the Land Transport Authority and Singapore Business Federation.

Shared Gan Kim Yong, Minister For Health and chairman of the Ministerial Committee for Ageing, at the launch of the Card, “I hope with this Card, more seniors can be encouraged to go out, have fun, learn new things and enjoy life.”

The Card merges with the existing Senior Citizen Concession Card and PAssion Card, and will serve as a common identifier for the community and businesses to honour seniors. Seniors can look forward to senior citizen concessionary fares on public transport, as well as discounts and privileges at participating merchants. They will also have access to PA’s range of courses, activities and programmes such as the Senior Academy and Course Xpress courses.

The Card will be issued free to all Singapore citizens aged 60 years and above. The PAssion Silver Concession Card will be automatically mailed in batches starting from December 5, 2016, to the registered home addresses of about 620,000 Singapore citizens who are existing Senior Citizen Concession Card holders. Eligible Singapore citizens who do not currently hold a Senior Citizen Concession Card will receive a letter by January 31, 2017, inviting them to submit their photograph so that they can receive a PAssion Silver Concession Card. All seniors who are eligible as of January 31, 2017 will receive their cards by March 31, 2017.  Singapore citizens who turn 60 on or after February 1, 2017 will receive their invitation letters when they turn 60.

Upon receiving their PAssion Silver Concession Card by mail, seniors will need to activate their Card to start enjoying concessionary fares on public transport. Seniors can bring their new PAssion Silver Concession Card, along with their NRIC or existing Senior Citizen Concession Card (if any), to any TransitLink Ticket Office or temporary booths which will be set up at selected train stations and bus interchanges to make activation more convenient for seniors.

Seniors with further queries on the PAssion Silver Concession Card can contact TransitLink Hotline at 1800-2255 663. The hotline operates daily, except Public Holidays, from 8am to 6pm.




  1. Fong Swee Lin

    Can update or replace photo for the new passion silver concession card?

    • agelessadmin

      Hi, Swee Lin, best you call the hotline indicated in the story on your query. Thanks.

  2. BH Goh

    At this high tech internet age, why cant we just activate the card online? Need many old folks to queue up in persons somewhere to get it done? Really a joke and a mockery of technology implementation.

  3. Loi Poh Wah

    Had try to apply online but keep key security code, it doesn’t move to the step.
    please help

    • agelessadmin

      Hi, Poh Wah, I have e-mailed you directly. You might want to reach out to the TransitLink hotline at 1800-2255 663. The hotline operates daily, except Public Holidays, from 8am to 6pm.

  4. Chng Ee Kheng

    Hi, wondering why I hav’nt received my silver passion card .

    • agelessadmin

      Hi, Ee Kheng, I have e-mailed you directly on this. Best to call them and find out.


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