by | July 19, 2014

THV-series carafes are now lighter and also have other elderly-friendly features.


The 600g carafe.

Thermos has launched an updated series of its stainless steel carafes, with its THV-series featuring carafes in three sizes – 500g (1.0L), 600g (1.5L) and 700g (2.0L). These carafes are now lighter and more portable by up to 24 percent, compared to earlier Thermos carafe models. Backed by Thermos’ vacuum-insulated technology, liquids stay hot for up to 24 hours, and cold for up to 10 hours in the THV-series.

Stopper opens with just one 360-degree turn, making it easy for the elderly to use.

An elderly-friendly design ensures easy use (opens with just one 360-degree turn) and wash (wide mouth opening of 7cm and lid can be easily taken apart), as well as no accidental leakage and scalding even if the carafe is toppled thanks to the leak-proof top.

According to the company, stainless steel carafes have an edge over traditional flasks with glass interiors, as they are more durable. Ice cubes can be dropped into stainless steel carafes without fear that the interior may break. For the same capacity, stainless steel carafes are smaller in size compared to flasks with glass interiors.


Thermos THV-series is available at all major department stores in Singapore and costs from S$59 (500g) to S$69 (700g).



  1. Betty Lee

    Since it’s designed to be elder-friendly, perhaps the distributor can look into a certain percentage discount when purchased by a senior upon production of the concession card or ID?
    It would certainly go a long way.

    • agelessadmin

      Thanks, Betty, good point you made. I will feedback to the folks behind the product.


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