The best moments of your life

by | September 18, 2018

Lonely Planet shares 100 inspiring stories in a new book so readers can think a little differently about the world.


What’s the best moment of your life? It’s a simple question to ask, a much harder one to answer.

In the 272-page “The Best Moment of Your Life” by Lonely Planet, famous faces from the world of travel, plus Lonely Planet writers, share their most remarkable, poignant and memorable experiences from the road – moments that changed them as individuals and reshaped their perspective on the world.

In this collection of 100 powerful, inspiring storiesreaders will be encouraged to think a little differently about the world and reflect on the transformative power of travel.

Tales include a Rwandan gorilla encounter, reincarnation on the Ganges, horse-riding with Patagonian gauchos, witnessing Nelson Mandela’s first free speech, watching a space shuttle launch, crossing the Gobi Desert on foot, and a son journeying with his mother back to Alexandria, the city of her childhood.

Destinations include Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park in Utah, Cape Town, Gir National Park in India, the Western Wall in Jerusalem, Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, the Trans-Siberian Railway, Antarctica, Samburu National Reserve in Kenya, Samye Monastery in Tibet and Madagascan forests.

Each story includes a powerful and moving account of how the experience unfolded and what it was like to be there right at that momentas well as how the experience affected the author, plus sumptuous photography and practical details on how to make the trip yourself.

“The Best Moment of Your Life” costs US$22.99 (around S$31.39) and is available locally at MPH, Kinokuniya and Times bookstores.




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