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by | January 19, 2012

Three retirees share their thoughts on exercise and how seniors can also benefit from it.

BY: Daniel Tan


A group of retirees from Singapore Airlines have been meeting regularly to exercise every Tuesday at Tampines Sports & Recreation Centre, which is one of the many age-friendly sports complexes managed by Singapore Sports Council. Each with two daughters and no grandchildren, Richard Fung (RF), 62, William Tay (WT), 64, and Lai Weng Pong (LWP), 63, share their views on why this exercise routine has become a permanent fixture on their calendars:


Why is exercise important to you?

LWP: Exercise builds up my fitness level, which in turn enables me to pursue my hobbies.
WT: Yes, my fitness has improved and I feel fitter since I started exercising regularly. The best part is exercise really keeps the doctor away!
RF: I also notice that exercise builds my self-confidence and ability to take on outdoor activities like hill climbing and trekking.


William Tay

What is your weekly regime?

LWP: Two-hour gym workout and one-hour swim once a week, and some leisure cycling.
WT: Two-hour gym workout twice a week, and leisure cycling once a week.
RF: Two-hour gym workout once a week, and 4km to 8km jog around Bedok Reservoir two to three times a week.


Lai Weng Pong

Can you share an exercise tip for a senior?

LWP: It’s very important to listen to your body and not over-exert, otherwise you risk serious injuries. 
WT: Gym is the ideal place to start an exercise routine because exercise machines help you monitor your heart rates.
RF: Consistency is key for an exercise routine to improve physical wellness. One way is to rotate the activities and try new ones to prevent monotony and loss of motivation.


Exercise is only one bit to wellness. What about the others like eating properly and being positive? How does this apply in your life?

LWP: Having positive social relationships are very important. I make it a point to maintain active social interaction with ex-colleagues and peers by calling them over the phone or meeting up for coffee regularly. 
WT: As for me, I maintain my intellectual wellness by spending time in the library to read books and pick up new hobbies.
RF: Spiritual wellness is a critical area for me, and I do this by actively participating in church activities and house visitations.

Richard Fung



** Seniors can enjoy special rates of S$1.50 (usual rate of S$2.50) at all ClubFITT gyms in SSC’s sports & recreation centres across Singapore. For more info on ClubFITT gyms, visit

(** PICTURES: Sam How. Special thanks to Singapore Sports Council’s Tampines Sports & Recreation Centre for the use of the photos and facilities.)






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