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by | May 21, 2019

Lonely Planet gives you a guide to tasting whisky, gin, bourbon and more at the world’s best distilleries and bars.

Lonely Planet’s “Global Distillery Tour”.

Lonely Planet is giving a tour of the best distilleries and bars in 33 countries in its book “Global Distillery Tour”. They will tell you where to go and what to taste – from gin, bourbon and whisky to vodka, cachaça (popular in Brazil, this is a distilled spirit made from fermented sugarcane juice), tequila and more. It also includes unmissable regional drinks from South Africa, Canada, US, Mexico, Japan, Indonesia, France, Italy, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

The 264-page book has the distilleries listed alphabetically by region. Each distillery has a suggested must-try drink or tasting experience, and also recommended local sights so you can explore the local area in between tasting sessions. Eighteen distilleries in Asia are mentioned in the book, including:

  • Indonesia – Night Rooster;
  • Malaysia – Mbar, PS150;
  • Thailand – Iron Balls Distillery, Issan Rum Distillery; and
  • Japan – Masumi Brewery, Yoichi Distillery, Hakushu Distillery, Daimon Brewery, Yamazaki Distillery, Gekkeikan Sake Museum, Matsuoka Brewery, Ishikawa Brewery, Kanosuke Distillery, Tsunuki Distillery, Satsuma Shuzō, Zuisen Distillery, Masataka Taketsuru.

Lonely Planet has also included bars that are best-in-class for their selection of one particular drink, such as arak in Lebanon or tuak in Malaysia. At the back of the book, you’ll find a section dedicated to cocktails – their take on the best mixology magic in the world, and the bars that serve them. Contributions come from specialist spirit reviewers, writers as well as bloggers.


** The book is available at major bookstores at US$19.99 (around S$27.62).




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