Those older concerned about their ability to help effectively, says survey

by | June 25, 2019

Other responses including being in a rush and not noticing.


While youths in Singapore say they “fear looking stupid or silly” which is what is holding them back from being kind, those older are less embarrassed. According to the latest Graciousness Survey by the Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM), those in the 55 and above age group were the least afraid of looking stupid or silly.

However, the survey found that those older are more concerned about their ability to help effectively. Thirty-five percent of respondents over the age of 55 said that a barrier for them helping is the feeling that they do not have the capability to do so. This compares with an average of 28 percent for all respondents. Other responses: Did not notice that someone nearby needs help (38 percent), unsure what to do/how to help (40 percent) and no time/in a rush (41 percent).

Dr William Wan, general secretary of SKM, explained further, “Perhaps older people feel less physically able to help out in certain situations … some may also feel financially less able. Or it could be as simple as being unable to react as fast as younger people. And how I would encourage it is that they just help the best they can in any opportunity that presents itself. No matter how small. They could also band together and join groups like RSVP (a senior’s volunteering organisation).”

He added: “Of course, my book ‘Through the Valley’ is about active ageing – no one is too old to be contributing. It’s about different pace and different ways.”

The SKM survey further found that across the age groups, those 45 to 54 were more likely to have donated or volunteered time in some form. Donating money or goods was by far the most common form of charity, compared to volunteering time. For those 55 and older, donating money to charitable causes was 42 percent, while donating goods to charitable causes was 32 percent.


(** PHOTO CREDIT: Singapore Kindness Movement)




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