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by | February 13, 2015

Two movements/campaigns on social media are encouraging people to spent time with seniors and to celebrate their “pioneering spirit”.


There are several movements/campaign that are happening in the social media sphere to celebrate the “pioneering spirit” of seniors, and encourage people to spend quality time with them.

One such movement is requesting people to take time off social media, spend time with the seniors, recount the experience on Facebook and inspire others to do the same.

#TimeOut4Pioneers icon.

To be a part of this movement, here are the four steps:

1) Make a statement about your support. Change your profile picture to the Timeout icon to show your support of this movement.

2) Spend some time with a senior/pioneer such as a family member, friend, co-worker, mentor or any elderly in your life.

3) Post a photo of/with the person you spent time with on your Facebook page. Share your experience and talk about what you’ve discovered that you have in common, or anything that inspired you.

4) Invite fans/followers to do the same, hashtag your posts with #TimeOut4Pioneers.

Original and wacky ideas are said to be welcome, whether it’s engaging the pioneer for a music jam session or swapping clothes for a hipster day-out!

Another call to action is coming from students from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in a SG50 campaign called A Call To Care. The campaign is asking youths to share a memorable moment with their parents or grandparents and share their posts on the Campaign’s Facebook page. Dive sessions and admission tickets to Underwater World Singapore can be won.

For more information, go to the Campaign’s Facebook page.




  1. Susann Wilkinson

    Whatever happened to this campaign? I am not a Facebook user so I may not have had a chance to see any effects. Am curious why and how this got off the ground and who participated? Please follow up and let us know.

    • agelessadmin

      Thanks, Susann for your query, I have since e-mailed you directly. Please check your e-mail.


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