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by | October 6, 2016

Engage your major muscles groups and train your balance with this low-intensity workout.


Seniors trying out the ActiveSG towel workout.

Seniors trying out the ActiveSG Towel Workout.

The ActiveSG Towel Workout is a workout designed to encourage seniors to keep active with nothing more than a simple towel. Conceived by ActiveSG fitness instructors, the workout was first introduced in April this year during an ActiveSG event (ActiveSG is a national movement for sport initiated by Sport Singapore). Subsequently, the workout was also conducted at various other ActiveSG events where there were many seniors in attendance. Due to the positive feedback that was received about the workout, it was officially launched during the recent FIT for FUNction event in September.

The ActiveSG Towel Workout consists of seven basic exercises, and is a simple and fun routine that can be done anytime, anywhere. As it was developed to encourage seniors to keep active, it is a low-intensity circuit that includes various components such as cardiovascular, balance, endurance and strength. This workout routine engages the major muscle groups, and promotes shoulder joint and hip mobility which is essential for movements such as carrying objects and walking. It also trains balance which is a critical component in prevention of falls. If possible, one can also complete the routine at a faster pace to help with his or her agility.

While the workout is ideal for those of all ages, it is especially useful for seniors as they can modify the exercises according to their abilities. For seniors who do not have full functional ability in their legs, they can also carry out the exercises while in a seated position. Shared Sport Singapore: “Through this workout, we hope to improve the functional capacity of seniors and enable them to carry out the activities of daily life without fuss.”

ActiveSG will be putting up posters at its sport centres to share the workout with members of the public. Those who want to find out more about the workout can approach the guest officers/fitness instructors at the sports centres for a demonstration.

To give it a try, here is the poster on how to do it:






  1. penny

    why not produce a video on the towel workout? a picture is worth a thousand words! Thanks

    • agelessadmin

      Thanks, Penny for your comment. Yes, they are looking at doing a video.


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