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by | August 20, 2015

The Law Society of Singapore has come up with a handbook for the public so they know the various legal issues and where to seek help.


Understand the law in Singapore and the various legal issues and where to seek legal help in a handbook called “Know the Law Now”, produced this year by the Law Society of Singapore.

Revamped over the years after getting public feedback, the handbook describes in layman’s terms the commonly encountered areas of the law ranging from the Singapore Court System to making various civil claims and of particular emphasis is a section on family and matrimonial matters.

The handbook which has been divided into nine main topics, also includes sections on criminal proceedings, employment matters, estate planning and administration such as making a Will, Advance Medical Directive and Lasting Power of Attorney, transactional matters such as buying a property and starting a business, and alternative dispute resolution touching on the various mediation centres and legal services. The latter addresses engaging a lawyer and mentioned the Pro Bono Legal Aid and assistance for the community.

Said Thio Shen Yi, senior counsel and president of the Law Society of Singapore, in the foreword of the handbook: “So invisible is the law in our daily lives that many people have no idea how it relates to them. Some people can even come close to breaking laws they had no idea existed – and this creates big problems!”


** You can view a copy at http://probono.lawsociety.org.sg/Public/know-the-law-booklet/ or at most community centres which have copies for distribution. A Chinese version is not available, however, the Law Society is currently exploring ways to get it translated and published.



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