Walking with an attitude

by | December 23, 2011

Looking for a product that you can walk with style? Look no further.

“So often as we age we resist solutions that could profoundly change our lives because the products that could really help us are aesthetically displeasing or just plain dull. Enter the Omhu Cane (below, left) – stylish and functional. I like to think of them as the Apple of walking sticks,” shared Dr Mark Lachs, expert on ageing and author of “Treat Me, Not My Age”.

Omhu is Danish for “with great care” and this credo is manifested in its designs. Omhu’s inventor, Rie Norregaard was a first generation designer for Smart Design, which revolutionised kitchen product design with its line of OXO products. Finished with a patented tip made of the same material used in the soles of high-performance hiking boots, the cane offers maximum stability and shock absorption. Inspired by high-end bicycle frames, the shaft is ultra-light. The birch wood handle is generous and features grip strips, representing a superior haptic experience. The wood is hand-finished with an all-natural, plant-based Livos oil.

However, the most important aspect of the Omhu cane might be the public expression it makes. The award-winning Omhu Cane is a walking stick with audacity, with authority as well as attitude.


The canes which come in different sizes and colours are available online at www.omhu.com. Replacement tips are also available. The cost is US$139 (S$179.63). (As of presstime, we are checking on the availability in Singapore.)



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