Walking with style

by | October 9, 2014

The high-quality walking canes are adjustable and its materials carefully selected.


China blue luxe cane.

The high-quality Cane Art canes, which are distributed by Haf Box, are designed to allow one to walk with pride and comfort, for both casual and formal purposes. The canes’ shaft is made from lightweight aluminium, and the handle from solid wood. Everything has been carefully selected, from the handle grain, to the type of collar used, to the print, down to the coating finish, in order to suit today’s discerning users of walking canes. The cane length can also be adjusted to suit the Asian market.

Chess master's executive cane.

No two users are the same, and Haf Box believes that choosing a walking cane to accompany your walk is important and reflective of one’s self.


The canes come in the luxe range which costs S$88, or the executive range which costs S$68. For more information, go to: www.cane-art.com.




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