When many days will pass by (a father’s oration)

by | January 20, 2011

A poem to convey a message of love from parents to their children

 Geetika Chawla


I dedicate this poem to all the wonderful parents who have done so much to raise their children. I would like to also give a message to the youth of today – please give time to your parents, now and always!

Enjoy my poem:

When many days will pass by,
Seeing me wrinkled, do not cry.
The folds in my skin,
Will hide secrets within.
The secrets being lessons of wisdom,
Learnt in dear Lord’s kingdom.
Each line will tell a tale,
Your confusions they may nail.

When many days will pass by, I will be old,
Nothing I will want, neither diamond nor Gold.
But some things, for sure, I will need,
Your love, care and your time indeed.

When many days will pass by, you will be away.
But in my heart, always you will stay.
Coz, when you were asleep, I brought you home,
Took you to places, Egypt and Rome.
I taught you to walk,
I taught you to talk.
As you grew, you called me ‘Your Hero’,
Will you always remember this coach from day zero?

When many days will pass by, memories we would have created.
Remembering them will make us elated.
Coz as the course of life makes us run,
Memories will keep us together: Father and Son!

Geetika Chawla, 24, is a chartered accountant from India. Currently, she is pursuing an MBA in finance from the S P Jain Center of Management, Singapore. Prior to this, she worked with McKinsey & Co as a research analyst.



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